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Giovanni’s Home, Naples


We spent four nights in Naples, and I need to write about the place we stayed. The hostel was called Giovanni’s Home, quite literally because that’s what it was. It’s a dorm-style hostel with bunkbeds. It has a well equipped kitchen, although it’s really small. None of the toilets have toilet seats. The showers have hardly any water pressure and very little hot water. It’s on the third floor in a building on a small street, with a staircase that’s steep and tiring no matter how many times you go up it. And it was the most enjoyble, most fun hostel that we’ve stayed in yet.


Skin crawling

icky bed bug bites on me arm

I briefly mentioned bed bugs earlier. Now I would like to elaborate because they’ve terrorized me for life and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to sleep the same. This is the story of how I was eaten alive in an Edinburgh youth hostel.