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Hungary like a wolfe

It's raining in Budapest

Part of our new laissez-faire outlook on travel includes not booking accommodation in advance. When we arrived in Budapest our first goal was to find somewhere to stay. The city is divided by the Danube river into two main areas, Buda and Pest. We decided to try and stay in Pest but this was slightly easier said than done. We’d forgotten what it was like to wander unknown cities with large and heavy backpacks on. We’d also lost all concept of time and days of the week and didn’t realize it was the weekend. Hostels get busy during the weekend and in September, the kids have not yet gone back to school. After walking for what felt like ages and being turned away by a couple hostels with no vacancy we eventually found a great place to sleep and drop our bags. I started to remember why we actually planned ahead when we were in Europe this time last year. It’s less stress when you have a destination where you can settle and orient yourself.