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Reykjavik’s Golden Circle

Hot and cold pools

We rented a car in Reykjavik in order to make the most of our day. We found a local company called Route1 that had decent rates and met us at the port with our car, and we were off. Our mission was to drive the Golden Circle, Reykjavik’s most popular day trip, which would take us to some of Iceland’s most spectacular sights. After tucking some pastries from the buffet on board into our pockets, we hopped in our Yaris and headed out.



cabbage patch kids

Our boat stopped in Akureyri, Iceland, for just one day. Plenty of time to walk through town, but nowhere near enough time to get out and see the countryside. Cruising is the fastfood of travel, but sometimes fastfood is all you can afford. It still beats flying over it and missing it altogether. I have wanted to visit Iceland for a long time, ever since I heard Damon Albarn gush about it in an interview back in my BritPop days. It had mystical allure to me as a volatile land of volcanoes, elves and beautiful people. I was so excited to find myself in Iceland with this cruiseship, even if it would just be a little teaser.