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maasai camels

While staying outside of Arusha, Tanzania, we had a chance to visit a nearby Maasai village, and to learn a little bit about their culture from our guide. We opted to ride a camel to the village instead of walk, simply because we’d never ridden camels before, and they were offered. It struck us after deciding this that we’d never actually seen any camels around the area before. There were plenty of donkeys and cows and other beasts of burden, but no camels. It turns out that the camels were brought in by the owners of our campsite specifically for tourists to ride on this tour. Authentic it was not, but fun it was! Luckily, the rest of our day proved to be much more informative and interesting, as we visited a small Maasai village, a snake-bite clinic, and a small museum on Maasai culture.