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We’re not out of Africa yet, we’re in Egypt, which has a distinctive Northern African/Middle Eastern feel. And so it feels as though we’ve left Africa behind us now, although the continent will surely stay with us for years to come.

We’ve covered roughly 20,000 km overland, across 12 different countries (excluding Egypt), not really knowing what to expect as we moved from one to the next. We enjoyed every country we visited, but a few definitely stand out in our minds, namely Namibia for its spectacular desert scenery, Malawi for it’s warm and friendly people, and Ethiopia for it’s unique culture and breathtaking mountains.

Here are some of the small things that will remind us of our time in Africa:


The church in Livingstonia

Chitimba Beach was our next stop on Lake Malawi. Besides being a beautiful location on the northern end of the lake, it’s also a popular stop because of it’s proximity to Manchewe Falls and the community of Livingstonia. We were staying for two nights, so on the full day we decided to venture out on a guided walk to Livingstonia. It’s nearly 15 kilometres and 3000 vertical feet from Chitimba Beach, and there’s only one very rough road connecting it to the rest of the world. We headed out at 7:00am and psyched ourselves up for a long day.


Me an Helen with some village cuties

Malawi certainly is the ‘warm heart of Africa’, as the guidebooks say it is. We’ve been greeted everywhere with genuine warmth. After spending a night in the capital city of Lilongwe we made our way to Lake Malawi, which spans the length of the narrow country, to Kande Beach, a campsite midway up the west side of the lake. Upon arrival we were in awe of the lake and the size of the waves it manages to conjure up. I suppose it’s on par with one of our Canadian Great Lakes. I’m not sure how it stacks up size wise, but it’s ginormous and is surrounded by lush rolling hills.