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The Cameron Highlands

Tea fields in the highlands

The fresh, cool air of the Cameron Highlands greeted us as we got off our bus in Tanah Rata. We checked in to Father’s Guesthouse, perched up on top of a treed hill overlooking the town. We had a huge window that opened out onto a garden, and filled our room with light and breeze. Result: bliss.

The Cameron Highlands are about 4700 feet above sea level, and are the perfect climate for growing tea and strawberries. The cool air draws local tourists from Malaysia as well as foreigners trying to escape the heat. The things to do here: visit a tea plantation, check. Hike through the jungle, check. Eat Indian pancakes with fresh strawberries, check. Actually sleep well at night, without sweating buckets, check. Relax and enjoy the wonderful Malay people all around you, check!


In a few short hours we will be on a plane to Africa, leaving Southeast Asia to our memories. We had such a fantastic time here. It’s about as far away as you can get from home for us. There are many different religions, languages and customs. All this makes for exciting travels, and was for the most part (excluding Sumatra) relaxing and easy. Before leaving, there are just a few random things we wanted to reflect on. For those of you lucky enough to have visited this part of the world, I’m sure you will be able to relate.


On deck and in the hole

Our sojourn in Koh Tao almost over. It has been a welcome change of pace for us to spend a few weeks in just one place. We’re starting to look ahead because just over a month from now, our epic African overland adventure is set to begin in Cape Town. Will we have to fly? All signs point to yes. (More on this to come.)

Tomorrow we’ll be heading back to Bangkok on an overnight bus to TCOB. Before heading south with Mike and Sarah, we had to drop off Mark’s passport at the Canadian Embassy for renewal. Although it wasn’t due to expire until 2014, he was nearly out of pages. And since we require at least 20 blank pages for our African trip, he we had no choice but to renew, pay a pile of cash and wait 3+ weeks to pick it up. At least he will have a 48-page passport this time. Fortunately we can save a little cash on me since I also have a UK Passport with oodles of blank pages I can use to travel Africa. While in Bangkok Mark will also get a last shot of Hep B and we’ll both look into getting Rabies (vaccinations that is). Fun stuff!

After Bangkok part 3, we’ll head south again with stops in Khao Sok National Park and perhaps Koh Lipe, an island on the Adaman coast just north of Malaysia. Then we’ll do some hiking in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia before making our way to Kuala Lumpur where there are direct flights leaving for Johannesburg…

Taste of Malaysia

Penang temple

Our 24 day cruise from Athens to Singapore is behind us now, and we are adjusting to life in hostels again. We had a wonderful time on the cruise, as I’m sure many of you gathered from our video. We relaxed, recovered, suntanned, swam, read, slept in, ate well, and met some really great people. We’d like to say a special hello to some of the crew and cruisers that made our time on board so enjoyable: Allison & Valentin, Ngawhira, Louise, Mia & Gustaf, Costa, Jonas, Michelle, Jerry & Marla, Jean & George, Lucy & Michel, Ed & Eleanor — we hope our paths cross again soon, and that your future travels are enriching and exciting.