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Bicycles, bicycles, bicycles. Did I mention that yet?

In the countryside (on the island of Texel), people really do wear wooden clogs! We saw several, and some even had laces. No idea how that works.

Amsterdam, and most of Holland, is flat. Very flat. That’s how they get away with such cruiser bikes.


Cycling with bell recommended

We arrived in Amsterdam on September 14th, after taking the ferry over from Newcastle. We were lucky enough to be able to connect with our friend Andrea, who lives in Amsterdam. Andrea was generous enough to give us the use of her apartment for our whole stay there, which let us settle in a bit and have a really convenient home base. The apartment came complete with a friendly little cat. We spent many relaxed mornings slowly waking ourselves up over delicious coffees and planning our days from there.

Because we had no difficulties finding accommodation, we were able to spend nearly a full week exploring and enjoying the city. The first thing we did was rented bicycles for the week. Amsterdam is a bicycle city! I’m not exaggerating when I say that. In the city centre (and throughout most of the rest of the city that we saw) the bike path network, signage, and condition was most impressive, better even than most of the roads. And everyone rides bicycles. They are everywhere. I can’t even begin to tell about our time in Amsterdam before I write about the bicycles.


Bikes and Amsterdam

Bikes in Amsterdam

We’ve been in Amsterdam for four days now, and we’re having a very relaxed time. We’ve been biking all over the city and taking it all in slowly. Today we’re off to bike on the islands to the north with Andrea, who has been a great host to us.

We’re overdue to post about the rest of our time in Scotland, as well as about our journey over to Amsterdam. Don’t worry — we’ll get on it sooner than you can whip up some fries with mayonnaise. Yum!

Fries and mayo!