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New York photos

We’ve uploaded our photos from New York on our photos page. For some reason, they’ve uploaded in random order…something I’ll have to look into.


Hello blog. Apologies for my lack of writing over the last month. Clearing my plate of work and getting organized to leave left me exhausted and in much need of a break. Mark has been doing a wonderful job in my absence though hasn’t he? He’s developed a real passion for the blog, which I knew he would — anyone who knows Mark understands that he never ‘half-asses’ anything. I on the other hand…

I don’t want to repeat anything Mark said in his posts but instead will add some of my own insights.


Aboard the QMII


After four nights in New York, we have boarded the Queen Mary II and have begun our six night journey across the Atlantic. Somehow, this feels like the true beginning of our trip. When we booked our tickets for the Queen Mary II back in the spring, our adventure changed from a dream to a reality, because we actually had a hard and fast start date. Everything leading up to this — our time in Montreal, our train to New York, four nights in a dirty, dingy hostel — was made necessary by this transatlantic voyage. If the ship didn’t leave from New York, we probably wouldn’t have visited. It was like a bonus. What a great bonus! But now we are heading across the ocean, where things will quickly become increasingly less familiar, and also increasingly more exciting. It seems like a nice progression, actually: first we said good-bye to Ottawa, then to Canada, and now to North America. Europe, here we come!


New York,
New York


Yesterday was our first full day in New York City, and also our first full day on the road with no trains or buses to catch. We’ve arrived in New York in 30 degree weather, with thick humidity and regular thunder storms. On our way to dinner the night we arrived, we were treated to a storm (complete with blinding lightning and huge thunder cracks) that rivaled the storm we experienced on our Algonquin Park canoe trip recently. So far, it appears that our rain jackets are the best thing we brought with us.