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Gold medal fever

The hardest thing about following the Vancouver 2010 Olympics (besides the fact that hardly anyone here ever thinks about snow) is the 15 hour time difference. We did manage to find a bar called Choppers here on Koh Tao that was playing Olympic coverage on a Hong Kong feed of ESPN, and we successfully watched Canada beat Slovakia in men’s hockey the other day.

We were determined to watch the gold medal game as well, except that the time difference meant that Canada would face the USA at 3:15 a.m. local time. Unfortunately, our gecko-inhabited beach hut is sans-satellite TV, so we asked Choppers bar if they might consider keeping some unusual hours for the sake of us obsessive hockey fans. It seems that enough people must have asked the same thing, because sure enough, by mid-afternoon the day before, the big game was written on the chalkboard outside: “Olympic Hockey, Gold Medal Game, Live at 3:00 a.m.”


Vas-y Canada!

Go Canada

One of my favourite aspects of travel is that it helps me to appreciate where I’m from. Mobile phone rates aside, I am so proud of my home and native land.

Mark and I were feeling especially proud after having watched the Olympic opening ceremonies. Our dear friend Rachel generously gave us a night at her fly guesthouse in Vientiane and our room had a t.v. for us to watch it on. We both got goosebumps and all teary-eyed for home while watching.

We’ll be following the action as much as possible and wishing we were at home to be a part of it.