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the packing process

Our gear page is finally up! We spent a lot of time debating and evaluating what to bring with us. The list we put up is the final tally of everything that ended up in our bags — but I’m sure it will evolve as we go. There will be some things we missed, and we’ve probably brought a few things that we will end up shipping back home at some point. Down the road we will be posting reviews and evaluations of some of the gear we brought with us. Hopefully future wanderers will find this list helpful and interesting!

As a side note, we’ve actually got a third piece of luggage with us for the first leg. The Queen Mary II has a formal dress code for nearly all of its restaurants, and we will be attending Meg’s sister’s wedding in England when we arrive, so we’ve packed a suitcase with strictly formal attire. It’s a bit of a burden to drag around for now, but Meghan’s parents have offered to bring it home from London for us after the wedding. We decided against including its contents on the gear page, but I’m sure you will be able to deduce what was in it from the photos we’ll be posting.

On the road at last

Archived stuff

Well, it’s finally begun. We are posting tonight from Montreal, the first stop on our journey. Our lives have been packed up into boxes, bins and two backpacks. The packs are with us, and as you can see from the picture above, the boxes and bins are tucked away in storage. We took a bus to Montreal, and as of right now, our Amtrak train to New York is still running tomorrow. We actually purchased bus tickets to New York as well, just in case. If the train goes, we’ll get refunds on the bus tickets, but we thought it prudent to have a backup plan.

It’s hard to believe that we are actually starting this adventure. We’ve been anticipating it for so long — it’s hard to know how we will adjust to it being our new day-to-day. We’ve now started to update our breadcrumb with our trip details. Check it out!

Travel gear

Only 24 hours to go. We’ve gathered everything we are bringing into an organized pile in the middle of the floor, and done a test pack with our backpacks. The result: both bags had room to spare! Final weigh-ins have Meghan’s bag at 29 lbs and mine at 44 lbs. Admittedly they are a little heavier than we hoped, but this is the sacrifice we are making to support our blogging and photographic habits. Our camera bag and laptop combine to add nearly 12 lbs to our bags. We were debating whether or not to bring our thermarests (mainly for the African trip), but decided against it. We’ll pick up some foam sleeping pads closer to October.