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Our pictures from Syria are now up on our Photos page. Thank you to Toon for sharing some of his pictures with us from Jordan and Syria!

Photos from Jordan


Two more albums done, this time from Jordan. Don’t miss the pics of Petra, one of the most amazing places we visited. As usual, you can find the new albums over on our Photos page.

New photos, more to come

We’ve started to get caught up on our photo albums. You’ll find three new albums from Egypt on our Photos page, and we’ll have several more albums up over the next week or so.

Tons of new photos

We’ve arrived in Egypt — and rediscovered fast internet. The result: 12 new photo albums for your viewing pleasure. So grab a snack and a drink, click over to the photos page, and enjoy.

So many photos…

We’ve just finished uploading six new albums on our Photos page. Head on over to see our pictures from Namibia (cheetahs and Etosha National Park), Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls and lions), Malawi (school visits and hiking), and Tanzania (Zanzibar and the Ngorongoro Crater).

New photos at last

We’ve finally been able to connect long enough to upload a few new albums. Head on over to our photos page to see our albums from Malaysia and South Africa, and our first album from Namibia.

We downloaded a cool new app for our iPhone called “ShakeIt” (thanks to Lisa and Rob’s facebook recommendations). Now we can take polaroids as we go! It’s fun. So we documented our trip from Georgetown to Tanah Rata, since our trips are usually the stretches that get photographed the least. Enjoy!


New photos

Some beauties from our last month in Thailand. On the photos page.

Lagoon in Rai Leh


This panoramic shot was stitched together from multiple photos. It’s a shot of the lagoon in Rai Leh that Meghan mentioned in her last post. It was pretty spectacular, to say the least. Click on the photo for a closer look.

Bangkok round 4

We’re back in Bangkok for the fourth time now. I successfully picked up my new passport, and now I have 48 shiny new blank pages to fill with visas and stamps in Africa. Tomorrow we’re leaving for Khao Sok National Park in the south of Thailand, and I have to say that it’s almost strange to be on the move again after nearly three weeks of stationary relaxing on Koh Tao. We’re getting used to the feeling of shouldering our packs again :)

We realized yesterday while reminiscing over some older photos that we neglected to post our album from Cinque Terre in Italy, which we visited way back in November of 2009. It’s now up on the photos page, way down between Tuscany and Switzerland. Better late than never, right?

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