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New photos uploaded

We’ve uploaded a whopping 5 new albums to our photos page, including pics from Laos, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and Thailand. Enjoy!

wewander updates

Some of you may have noticed a couple of new little icons in the navigation bar at the top of our site. That’s right — we’ve added new stuff! During our delay in Medan, we made some improvements and updates to our site:

1. Check out the new and improved About Us page! That’s the new little “i” icon up there, by the way. Many of you have been asking us about budgets and costs, so we’ve added a whole bunch of information about the financial side to our travels. We’ve also started to add some links to the sidebar, pointing to sites that we’ve found useful or inspiring as we go.

2. The footprints icon will take you to our Breadcrumb, were we’ve added some cool new stats, as well as modified the map to focus more on the most recent legs of our travels. Now when I write about a nightmarish 14 hour bus ride, it’s even easier to zip over to our Breadcrumb to see where exactly it took place.

3. Our main page now has two new items in the sidebar: “Recent Comments” and “Featured Posts”, to make it easier to keep up with the latest activity on the site, and to make our most popular posts even easier to find.

4. In the update category, we’ve posted two new albums on the Photos page: Sumatra pt. 2 and our Christmas in Singapore album, which we’d somehow overlooked until now.

We’re pretty excited about the evolution of There are more changes on the way soon, so be on the lookout. We’d also love to hear what you think of the new content. So leave a comment or send us an email directly using the new “Contact Us” section on our About Us page.

New photos

Three new albums are up on the photos page. Enjoy!

We just uploaded a bunch of new albums to the photos page, from our recent destinations. Be sure to check out the photos from Meteora — that place is unbelievable.

Hiking in the Swiss Alps

After Barcelona, we spent three nights in the mountains of Switzerland. We were staying at Mountain Hostel in Gimmelwald, perched part way up the side of a valley in the Swiss Alps. To get there we went by train, then by bus, and finally by cable car. The cable car took us from the flat of the valley up and over a sheer cliff face to the tiny village perched above. The spectacular-ness of the location is actually really hard to convey in words. I hope the pictures do it justice. The valley that we were in was really interesting. All around, the mountains shot up steeply, rising quickly to snow- and glacier-capped peaks. But the valley floor, almost in direct contradiction to this, was nearly perfectly flat. It was as if someone had started filling the valley in with sand, and then suddenly stopped part way up, leaving a nice level ground to inhabit with villages and roads.


Rabat and Marrakesh

Check out the photos page for new pictures from Rabat and Marrakesh, Morocco.

Photos: Chefchaouen

We’ve posted our photos from Chefchaouen on the photos page, and they are some of our favourites so far. Enjoy!

Photos: Bilbao and Granada

Two new albums are up on our photos page, from Bilbao and Granada in Spain.

Biarritz and Narrowboating

We’ve posted new photos on the photos page. Look for the Biarritz and St. Jean de Luz album, as well as the Narrowboating album, which we’d overlooked somehow. Better late than never; it’s up there now.

wewander updates

A very kind and generous lady at the fabulous 4 star Biarritz campground donated her prepaid WIFI card to us as she was leaving today. This gave us a great opportunity to do some website maintenance and updates. Hooray! We shall pass on her generosity somehow, somewhere.

√Ä la Nick Hornby √† la High Fidelity we’ve decided to compile several on-going lists of “top fives”. It’s very tricky to choose just five and will get more and more so as the days pass by but they are fun so we shall try. They’re scattered throughout the site on the breadcrumb (compass rose icon), photos (camera icon) and gear (suitcase icon) pages.

We’ve also put up three new albums on the photos page, from Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris.

What else…hmmm…not much! Please keep reading. We love knowing we’re being watched for some creepy reason. The reason, as Mark mentioned in an earlier post, is because it makes us feel connected to home. Aw.

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