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The Ashes

I’ve spent a fair bit of my day today watching cricket highlights from the Ashes, being contested right now between England and Australia. After four test matches, it’s all square at one apiece going into the fifth and final test, which begins next week. In the latest test, England was embarrassed, finishing all out for only 102 in the first innings, and losing to Australia by an innings and 80 runs over a mere 2.5 days of play.

After some lengthy cricket discussions at the party we went to on Friday and the odd bit of internet research, I’m proud to say that I actually understand what that means now!

The fifth and final test match of this Ashes series will be played while we are still in the UK, so I might have to make my way down to a local pub to check it out. When in Rome…

On another note, we’ve just posted an album of photos to go with Meghan’s review of the QM2.

Review: QM2


5/5. “This is the life”, I kept repeating to Mark’s annoyance. We may have shot ourselves in the foot by starting our journey on the Queen Mary because the bar was set high. Really high.

In no way am I a travel expert, especially when it comes to luxury cruise liners, but I like what I like and so these reviews will be completely biased and weigh heavily on the quality of food, especially dessert. (I’ll try to keep this short, but sometimes my mind and stomach gets carried away).



Yesterday morning we disembarked from the Queen Mary II, after enjoying one last sumptuous breakfast complete with five star service and delicious coffee. What an incredible way to travel! Some of my most memorable moments:

1. During dinner on the first night, they played “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. Considering it is the soundtrack to a movie in which the ship actually sinks, I found this highly inappropriate, and hilarious.



Hello blog. Apologies for my lack of writing over the last month. Clearing my plate of work and getting organized to leave left me exhausted and in much need of a break. Mark has been doing a wonderful job in my absence though hasn’t he? He’s developed a real passion for the blog, which I knew he would — anyone who knows Mark understands that he never ‘half-asses’ anything. I on the other hand…

I don’t want to repeat anything Mark said in his posts but instead will add some of my own insights.


Aboard the QMII


After four nights in New York, we have boarded the Queen Mary II and have begun our six night journey across the Atlantic. Somehow, this feels like the true beginning of our trip. When we booked our tickets for the Queen Mary II back in the spring, our adventure changed from a dream to a reality, because we actually had a hard and fast start date. Everything leading up to this — our time in Montreal, our train to New York, four nights in a dirty, dingy hostel — was made necessary by this transatlantic voyage. If the ship didn’t leave from New York, we probably wouldn’t have visited. It was like a bonus. What a great bonus! But now we are heading across the ocean, where things will quickly become increasingly less familiar, and also increasingly more exciting. It seems like a nice progression, actually: first we said good-bye to Ottawa, then to Canada, and now to North America. Europe, here we come!




Hello, and welcome to our travel blog! For about a year now, Meghan and I have been planning to take off and see the world. Our plan is threefold: to travel around the world, to travel with no return date in mind, and to do as much of our traveling as possible without flying. Our goal is to see as much of the world as possible, and by traveling over land and sea, to gain an appreciation for the vastness of the distances that separate the places we will visit. In essence, we hope that the journeys between destinations will become as much a part of the adventure as the destinations themselves. We are also hoping that traveling this way will be an escape from the hectic immediacy that air travel embodies. When flying, oceans are crossed over the duration of a feature length film. On the other hand, when traveling by ocean liner, the vastness of the ocean should be much more apparent.

The first leg of our journey is in fact across an ocean. Our trip is set to begin around the end of July 2009. On July 30th, we will be sailing out of New York City on the Queen Mary II, heading for Southampton, England, a crossing that will take seven full days. We hope to spend a few days in New York before we sail. Are we excited? You might say that. I think it’s a bit of an understatement!

We wanted to get this site up well before leaving for a couple of reasons. First of all, it will give us a chance to iron out any glitches that crop up while we still have access to laptops and wireless. More importantly, though, we wanted to start posting our plans and ideas on this blog as they take form. We hope that all of our avid readers (yes, that’s you) will help us out by offering advice, encouragement, or relatives in foreign countries whose couches we can crash on!