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After much delay, here’s the long-ago promised video of us sandboarding in Namibia! You can check out the original post here for all the details on our day on the dunes.

air time

Yesterday morning we piled into vans and drove out of Swakopmund and into the dunes. It was time to try some sandboarding! There were about 12 people from our truck that went, half of whom did stand-up boarding (on snowboards) and half of whom did lie-down boarding (on thin pieces of plywood). The snowboards were slightly modified for sand: the base was covered over with a slippery, more durable material, and they required a quick polish with wax after every run to keep them fast and smooth. The downside of sandboarding is that there is no chairlift, so you have to walk up the dunes after each run. The upside of sandboarding is that it’s AWESOME!