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Basking in Basque

swimming is fun

After our brief stay in Paris we decided to head for the south coast to soak up some sun. On a recommendation from Carl and Brigitte we came to Biarritz, which is in the very south west corner of France, on the Atlantic ocean. I am loving it here: beach, sun, surf, French cuisine — c’est la vie.


Another chance at surfing

Wetsuits look good on everybody

It was our third gloriously sunny day in Basque country today, and after two days of watching other people do it, it was our turn to tackle the surf. We rented one surfboard between us, and set up camp on the very busy main beach. The beach was especially packed because it was Sunday, and on top of that, the whole town was having a giant artisan market/sidewalk sale. Nothing like a crowd to motivate you, right?



I’ve just returned from a great weekend of surfing and partying in Polzeath, on the west coast of the UK. I was down there for Tim’s stag party — Tim is Meghan’s sister’s fiancé. Can you pick him out in the picture? We were down there for two nights, staying in a house right on the beach. Meg didn’t come on this trip, since it was a guys weekend. Besides, she had a bachelorette party to attend — but I’ll let her write about that.