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We’re not out of Africa yet, we’re in Egypt, which has a distinctive Northern African/Middle Eastern feel. And so it feels as though we’ve left Africa behind us now, although the continent will surely stay with us for years to come.

We’ve covered roughly 20,000 km overland, across 12 different countries (excluding Egypt), not really knowing what to expect as we moved from one to the next. We enjoyed every country we visited, but a few definitely stand out in our minds, namely Namibia for its spectacular desert scenery, Malawi for it’s warm and friendly people, and Ethiopia for it’s unique culture and breathtaking mountains.

Here are some of the small things that will remind us of our time in Africa:


maasai camels

While staying outside of Arusha, Tanzania, we had a chance to visit a nearby Maasai village, and to learn a little bit about their culture from our guide. We opted to ride a camel to the village instead of walk, simply because we’d never ridden camels before, and they were offered. It struck us after deciding this that we’d never actually seen any camels around the area before. There were plenty of donkeys and cows and other beasts of burden, but no camels. It turns out that the camels were brought in by the owners of our campsite specifically for tourists to ride on this tour. Authentic it was not, but fun it was! Luckily, the rest of our day proved to be much more informative and interesting, as we visited a small Maasai village, a snake-bite clinic, and a small museum on Maasai culture.


The dawn of the Crater

The Ngorongoro (ph. Korong-goro) Crater is a magical land where a plethora of wildlife coexist inside a spectacular natural enclosure. It is like a massive real-life snow globe, minus the snow. From the top of the steep jungled-walls you can see the entire circular play pen below. The crater is now over 2 million years old, formed after the walls of a dormant volcano fell in on themselves. It’s a unique ecosystem of flora and fauna and somewhere that’s been very high on my ‘must-see’ list for a long while.



Stone Town street

The name alone sounds exotic. Zanzibar. It’s off of the coast of Tanzania, and is reached by ferry from the city of Dar es Salaam. It’s actually two islands, Unguja and Pemba, which are collectively referred to as Zanzibar. The majority of visitors head for the beach resorts and the fabulous old city of Stone Town on Unguja, which is exactly where we went for four nights away from the big yellow truck. It was a nice change of pace for us; we were independent travelers once again.