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In the land of tapas

Mmmmm, tapas

We arrived in Bilbao by train and bus this afternoon. It was a beautiful bus ride through steep valleys. We checked in to Hotel Bilbi, and were pleasantly surprised. Our room is clean and has a nice modern bathroom, and we have a big window that opens to let in fresh air. Perhaps we’ve lowered our standards a little since the QM2, but compared to some of the places we’ve seen, it’s heaven.

After settling in, we went for tapas. Ahh, tapas! What a great way to eat! We had dinner at two different bars, along with some delicious wine. They put the tapas out on display along the bar, and you simply pick and choose which ones you’d like to try. At the end of the meal, you just tell the bartender how many you had, and he charges you accordingly. We had tapas ranging from tuna and salmon to omelette to ham, all mixed together in interesting combinations and presented in appetizer-sized portions. It definitely won’t be our last Spanish tapas outing.