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Reflections on Scotland

Never call a Scotsman “English”. They are British, hailing from the island of Great Britain, but they are definitely not English, a term reserved for those from England only. It’s like calling a Canadian “American”.

The Union Jack is a perfect combination of the English and Scottish flags. Maybe this is a well known fact but I thought Mark was so clever to notice this on his own.


Bye-bye Britain


There’s oodles to see and do in the UK, but there are places to go and people to see and so it was time to move on, with or without sampling haggis. It also drains the budget very quickly and was getting a bit chilly outside, which also make for very good reasons to limit our time.

After our Ben Nevis climb, we carried on with our roadtrip past Glen Coe and Loch Lomond; both very lovely areas to explore the great outdoors. However we just drove on through and headed for Gourock which is a ‘wee town’ just to the west of Glasgow.


Climbing Ben Nevis

At the summit

Being avid outdoor enthusiasts, Meg and I couldn’t resist the draw of Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest mountain. Situated on the doorstep of Fort William, Ben Nevis (commonly referred to as Old Ben) rises just over 4400 feet in a steady, relentless climb along a very well groomed and well trodden path. The mountain is climbed by thousands of people every year, so we knew not to expect a peaceful remote wilderness experience — even though we did the hike on a cold and cloudy day, there was a constant parade of people going up and down with us. Still, we felt that standing atop the highest point was a great way to round out our time in the UK.


Isle of Skye

Scotland is spectacular! I can’t think of a better way to put it. Over the past few days we have driven through some absolutely beautiful countryside. We left St. Andrews and headed north to Inverness, and then on along Loch Ness and over to the Isle of Skye. Tonight we are in Fort William. Check our Breadcrumb page to see our route — we’ve covered quite a bit of the country!


Life on a Narrowboat

Our narrowboat

We have postponed our African trip until April of next year (thank you Oasis of helping us sort out the swap — more on that later). With no pressure to be in Cairo by October, we have become free to wander slowly again. And for the first time yet, we found ourselves with an unexpected opportunity, and we flew by the seats of our pants.

After the wedding, we had an invitation to join my cousin and her family on their hired narrowboat for a couple of days. We knew we wanted to head up to Scotland after the wedding but since we’re not in a rush we said “YES”! How could we turn down an offer like that? It was a chance to experience a new way of traveling for us.


Jess and Tim’s Wedding

Jess and Tim Jenkin

What a weekend! We’ve left Hemingford Grey behind us now. We had a wonderful and busy string of days spent planning, setting up venues, partying with family and new friends, and celebrating Jess and Tim’s wedding. We arrived in Hemingford Grey by train and car last Wednesday. The village is wonderfully picturesque — many of the buildings have thatched roofs, and there are old masonry walls lining many of the streets and pathways. It was a wonderful contrast to London. Even though our days were full, the pace of life seemed to slow right down.