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Jess and Tim’s Wedding

Jess and Tim Jenkin

What a weekend! We’ve left Hemingford Grey behind us now. We had a wonderful and busy string of days spent planning, setting up venues, partying with family and new friends, and celebrating Jess and Tim’s wedding. We arrived in Hemingford Grey by train and car last Wednesday. The village is wonderfully picturesque — many of the buildings have thatched roofs, and there are old masonry walls lining many of the streets and pathways. It was a wonderful contrast to London. Even though our days were full, the pace of life seemed to slow right down.


Sunrise in Jamaica

We are freshly back from our week in Jamaica, where we took part in our friends’ destination wedding. We had a great time! It was fun to travel with so many friends. Now that we are back in Ottawa, the planning for our big adventure has begun in earnest. It has been interesting to reflect on and compare the trip that we have just taken to the trip that we are leaving on in less than two months. Clearly the purpose and aim of the two trips are vastly different. This trip was lavish, luxurious, relaxing, and focused on good times with good friends. Our big adventure will be about challenging experiences, great unknowns, and about Meg and I facing it all together.