Dreaming of denim

Ok, so we’re falling behind with our posts. We’re in Vienna but we’re writing about Aleppo. We know this. Our travels are happening at such breakneck speed at the mo’. We’re still visiting some fantastic places, but our minds are part here and part at home. We’re pretty excited to be on our way back to Canada. That’s good, right? Hopefully, if all goes smoothly and there’s no hurricane blowing up the coast of Nova Scotia early October, we’ll be back in Ottawa on the 9th.

We have a top five list of ‘things we miss about home’, not including people. People is a given, we miss all our friends and family. We both can’t wait to sip a cold Lugtread Ale, savour a delicious Works burger, and see our cat Metric. I know this sounds crazy, but I’m soooo looking forward to wearing a pair of jeans again. It’s been nearly 16 months of wearing one pair of black quick-dry pants. Mark too, although he won’t be writing about his denim dreams. We are so lucky to have options.

Until Ottawa, we have many places to go and lots of writing to go. Be patient and stay tuned. Thanks!

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