Environ-mental choices

These guys aren't flying either

Is traveling without flying the greener choice? We don’t know. But we would like to find out. When all is said and done we will attempt to compare our travels, the way we’ve done them, to a hypothetical ‘if we flew’ scenario.

The green choice would be to stay put and never leave home. The next best choice would be to ride a bicycle and sail a boat. We hope the next next best choice would be to do what we have done (are doing).

There are a few measures to help us make this comparison, like a carbon footprint calculator. We’re not sure which we’ll use. There is no standard, it’s not black and white and there are so many factors involved you can go mental just thinking about it. For example, a 10 hour flight from A to B may equate to less carbon consumed per passenger mile compared to a 10 day cruise ship or cargo ship from A to B. However, this comparison is time independent and considers only distance travelled. How that passenger spends the next 9 days and 15 hours after he/she disembarks the plane should also be factored in for a just comparison.

We do know that we’ve made the right choice for us. It hasn’t always been the easy choice, nor the cheapest, but we wouldn’t change a thing. So far we’ve come half way around the world and have travelled over 40,000 scenic kilometres without flying, a feat we’re quite proud of. There’s still a long way to go. As our days and cash supply dwindle, these choices are becoming even more difficult. No matter what, we’ll make the best of it. We look forward to eventually answering some of these questions, for ourselves.


    […] Meghan has already written in an earlier post, the original decision not to fly stemmed in part from the idea that it was the greener way to go. […]

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