Gyros vs. Pizza

I can’t decide which I’m enjoying more. Now that we’re in Athens, I can’t get enough of the snacks. Pitas with meat and tzatziki and veggies – yum! But a part of me already misses the pizza in Naples…


    Gyros with fries inside. Must try.

  1. Dallas Husar

  2. So I take it that in the end the Greeks don’t make better pizza?

    There’s the best place just around the corner from us that makes the best pork gyros with fries. Definitely the way to do it.

    No verdict on the pizza yet ‚Äî we’re still trying to sniff out an authentic local place to sample it, so that it gets a fair representation.

    Come on – i would assume that not much could beat the 2.5 hour wait for preston pizza. :)

    miss you guys!

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