News from Uganda

Watching the BBC in the lobby of our hotel in Addis this morning, we heard some shocking news of bombs going off last night in Kampala, Uganda. One of them went off in an Ethiopian restaurant, where people were watching the final World Cup game. Suspicions are on a Somali rebel group, but nothing is confirmed yet. It’s devastating news and our sympathies go out to the people of Kampala, where we so recently visited. We just wanted to post quickly to let everyone know that we were not affected: moms and dads: try not to worry, we’re ok.


    I was glad to hear from you. It is really hard to understand what happened in Uganda. Happy you were out of there.

  1. Mother Goose

  2. Bruce the Moose, and Mother Goose are so relieved that you are safe and sound. It is very unfortunate that people in Kampala were killed, but so glad you were ahead of the horrendous event. We’re hearing it is an Al Queada attack.

    Great to see your recent blogs, and good luck getting your visas.

  3. Vanna White

  4. You are traveling in some heavy political areas of the world were many things don’t make sense to us westerners… take care. Love to you both.

  5. Debbie Rosen

  6. Whew…sending love and hugs…Mom

    Glad to hear that you are ok. I was thinking about you guys when I heard what had happened. Stay safe!

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