New photos uploaded

We’ve uploaded a whopping 5 new albums to our photos page, including pics from Laos, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and Thailand. Enjoy!



    Ridiculous photos. Ridiculous.

    Two things:
    1) Please tell me you’re going to do some climbing in Thailand. In fact, since i’m living vicariously through you…I am secretly willing/forcing you to do some deep water soloing out there….

    2) Where you kids going to be in July/August? Africa? I’m secretly planning a trip and would love it if we could coordinate something.

    Great photos! Thank-you so much for posting. My mind can’t seem to wrap itself around the concept that we’re not still there with you. :(

    We had such a great time traveling with you guys. Thanks for inviting us to be a tiny part of your adventure. We miss you already!

    No way! That would be so awesome. I think that July and August will be spent mostly in Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. Our overland African journey ends officially in Cairo sometime around August 23rd or so. Tell us more about your secret plans!

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