Rabat and Marrakesh

Check out the photos page for new pictures from Rabat and Marrakesh, Morocco.


  1. Debbie Rosen

  2. What an adventure! I’m wondering if any of your ” top five” might change now…

    Love you both,

    LOVE the Morocco photos you two! The colours are incredible. I would be going crazy in the markets, trying to buy every scarf and piece of pretty jewelry in my sight… good thing you’re on a strict luggage limit! xxx – Rachel

  3. Christine Wang

  4. Heard about you guys went on this adventure of a lifetime! Looks like you’ve had a ton of fun already. Beautiful photos! Ill have to RSS feed your blog!!

  5. Perez Hilton

  6. Markus! I’m uber happy you passed your exams! Meghan, sounds like your day o’birth celebration was 100% fab!

    Keep us a breast of anything and everything you guys are doing. It makes my day!

    As per one of my more recent comments…

    $10 says Perez Hilton is my husband.

    Who else would combine “Markus”, “day o’ birth” and “breast” in one comment other than Mike?

    I suspect either Mike or Carl…

    Good things we’re restricted in our purchases indeed. That is why Morocco is high on our ‘must return to’ list of places. I would have every room in my non-existant house furnished in Moroccan goods.

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