Tons of new photos

We’ve arrived in Egypt — and rediscovered fast internet. The result: 12 new photo albums for your viewing pleasure. So grab a snack and a drink, click over to the photos page, and enjoy.


    Just made these with my almost 2 year old today. She had a blast rniisng (and eating) the chickpeas and mashing everything up in the food processor. She also enjoyed scraping the bits of mix out of the processor’s bowl afterward.I’m lazy about rolling balls, so we just pressed them into a 9 9 pan like we do for our holiday PB squares (like buckeyes, but lazy-girl version with no rolling and dipping). We also subbed peanuts for the almonds because we have some that need using up. Hubby’s on the fence, but I love them straight from the freezer. Excited to see whether they wind up being a long term hit with my girl for snacking. She’s a pretty good eater, but is in that typical toddler mode of loving something one day and despising it the next.

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    are we realy expected to beleleive that we are safe?all mankind are doomsdayers by nature!wots with all the recent devestation world wide and the change of jupiters orbit?sorry but i dont buy it!we have a right to know.then people can say goodbye to their loved ones,and instead of fear and impending anarchy.the world can have its first taste of peace since all text and relegion!

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