wewander updates

A very kind and generous lady at the fabulous 4 star Biarritz campground donated her prepaid WIFI card to us as she was leaving today. This gave us a great opportunity to do some website maintenance and updates. Hooray! We shall pass on her generosity somehow, somewhere.

√Ä la Nick Hornby √† la High Fidelity we’ve decided to compile several on-going lists of “top fives”. It’s very tricky to choose just five and will get more and more so as the days pass by but they are fun so we shall try. They’re scattered throughout the site on the breadcrumb (compass rose icon), photos (camera icon) and gear (suitcase icon) pages.

We’ve also put up three new albums on the photos page, from Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris.

What else…hmmm…not much! Please keep reading. We love knowing we’re being watched for some creepy reason. The reason, as Mark mentioned in an earlier post, is because it makes us feel connected to home. Aw.

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