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Mark and I got married! Although Mark and I need pots and pans, dishes and duvets, we decided not to register for all that stuff. It’s just stuff – where’s the fun in that? Instead we asked for contributions towards our Moroccan honeymoon. And that’s just what we got! This post is to take us back to our good ol’ blogging/wandering days and to say thank you to everyone who supported our Moroccan honeymoon. It was unforgettable.

Morocco Take II did not disappoint. We weren’t sure how it would hold up. Our memories held up Morocco as a magical place, filled with wonder and adventure. Would it still be the same after all the other wondrous places we visited post-Morocco? Would Marrakech still be our number one destination? Well I’m here to tell you it did not disappoint. It was as good as we remembered it. It made for our idea of a perfect honeymoon. Here, let me tell you about it:

Yes, we do!

On September 3rd, 2011 under sunny skies, Meghan and I got married! It was a perfect day, and we were so lucky to be surrounded by friends and family and barns. Pictures will tell the story best…


One more thing

never been so happy

There’s one more thing I forgot to mention that happened to us in Alberta.

Mark and I are now engaged! OK, so I didn’t forget, how could I forget something like that? Here’s how it happened:


Home for a wedding!

Brothers and sister together again!

Wow, how life changes when you get back home! There were days on the road where I thought it was hard to keep a website up-to-date, but it seems to be exponentially harder now that we’re back in Canada. It’s funny how life conspires against your aims sometimes, even when you’re enjoying it.

It’s about time that I wrote about the big event that brought us home in the first place. About a week and a half ago, my little sister Melanie got married. I know she’s not so little anymore, but of course she’ll always seem that way to her big brother. Before we left on our wanderings, I remember Melanie calling me up and asking “sooooo, when will you be back? I kind of got engaged!” I wasn’t going to miss her wedding for the world, even if that was literally the case! And what a great event to come home to, with all of my family together in one place for one happy reason.


Sisters sisters

sisters sisters lovely dovely sister

We began our travels last July as we boarded the Queen Mary II in New York and headed across the Atlantic to London. Things kicked off with my sister’s wedding. Fourteen months, 75,477 kilometres, and a beard (followed by a shave, followed by a beard again) and we were back in London again with my sister.

We often wonder what has changed on the homefront while we’ve been away. So much has happened to us; what has happened to the people we left behind? Turns out a lot. My big sis is pregnant and I’m going to be an auntie!!!!!!!!!! She is due at the end of January which means I probably won’t be staying home for long. We’re so excited for Jess and Tim.


View from the "Star Flyer" at Oktoberfest

A week before arriving in Munich, we were on a train to Budapest with four guys traveling together from Ireland. We got to talking about our next destinations, and we found out that, like us, they were making their way towards Munich. They told us that they couldn’t wait to get there, because Oktoberfest was going to be so much fun. We cocked our heads at each other. Oktoberfest? But wasn’t it still September? Yep, they said, Oktoberfest starts in September. In fact, it was starting only two nights before we were set to arrive. Wow! The legendary festival of beer had set itself squarely in our path. What great news! We’d had no idea that our visit to Munich would coincide with Oktoberfest. Happy days!


Mark before and after

before and after

Just for funsies, Mark got a fancy shave at a barber in Istanbul. I’m on the fence as to which look I like best. I think I’m leaning towards bearded Mark. What do you think?

He’s ok!

Just before leaving Cappadocia we got a great email from Toon. The van was fixed! Although the repair job didn’t come cheap, he was happy to inform us that Vyv was back on the road and running smoothly. He’d arrived in Cappadocia the night before, and things looked good for making it safely back to Belgium. Unfortunately we didn’t get the message in time to connect with Toon before we had to leave ourselves. Istanbul was calling (and so was the hostel we’d already paid for, and the train ticket onwards too). Still, it was a relief to hear that our good friend and travel buddy was back on the road too. Safe driving Toon — hope it’s smooth sailing for you from here on out.

Oh no! (cont’d)

The day after we dropped off the van, the Toyota garage rang Toon in Palmyra. Bad news: aside from whatever problem was causing the engine to overheat, Vyv needed a new cylinder block. With a quick band-aid solution, they suspected Toon might be able to drive a few thousand kilometers on the old cylinder block. Considering a new cylinder block would cost 100,000 Syrian Dinars (ouch!), he decided to take the risk. They said that the van wouldn’t be ready for two more days, mostly because of the shortened working ours imposed by Ramadan. We kept our fingers crossed and waited.


Oh no!

Vyv the van

After leaving the Krak des Chevaliers, we noticed Vyv’s engine was really starting to heat up. (Btw, Vyv is the name for the van since her license plate contains the letters VYV). We pulled over and tried to cool it down, but to no avail. The closest town was Homs, only a few kilometers away. We made it to Homs, maintaining a steady rpm, where she could get checked out by a mechanic in the morning.


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