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A couple weeks ago we were contacted by the Travel + Escape television channel and asked to film ourselves answering some questions about traveling as a couple. This video is the result. It’s up on their site to go along with the February theme of love.

They did a great job with the edits considering we just babbled, unrehearsed, in front of an iPhone during my rushed work lunch hour. It made us both a bit teary and reminded us of how much we loved out travels…and each other.


We are in Syria now. Behind the immigration desk was a sign,

“Welcome to Syria. Syria is a land of history and cintioruity.”


Truck Awards

Shay, William, Farmer, Ross, Shelagh, Ali, Helen, Stephanie, Brian, Barbara-Jeanne
Jeff, Hiro, Colin, Steve, Becky, Meghan, Eric, Suzanne, Mark, Guy

It brings us great pleasure to present the inaugural edition of the Oasis Overland Cape Town to Cairo Truck Awards! Everyone on this list spent at least part of the past four months with us, striving every day to earn the awards presented here. So let the boasting and toasting begin! Without any further delay, may I present (drum roll please)…


Photographing the Sudan

Our Sudanese photography permit

Here’s a photo of the wording on the photography permits we had to obtain in the Sudan. They don’t mind if you take pictures of the sand, but pretty much everything else is off limits. Oh, and you’d better only photograph sand that makes the country look good. Or else.


Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2009 states this about the Nile confulence in Khartoum:

Arabian poets call it the ‘longest kiss in history’ — which, admittedly, sounds much nicer than ‘confluence’ and does more to convey the import of this river collision. The pale-silt-carrying White Nile, rushing up from Uganda, and the soily Blue Nile, on its way west from Ethiopia, get it on in Khartoum — meeting, flirting for a stretch (their coloured waters flowing together but still visibly separate) before entwining for a monotone future together, watering farmers and pharaohs all the way through Egypt. Take a ferry to rural Tuti Island, in the middle of the city, and look back on the liquid love story.

Our impression was a little different. Haha.


Show off

It feels a bit strange to be back in a land of mass tourism. It’s nice to have modern conveniences once again, especially fast internet, but we’re also subject to rip off tourist prices and swarms of inappropriate tourists. We’re still in an Islamic nation where women and men are encouraged to cover their shoulders and knees. However, 95% of the tourists either choose to ignore this or are completely clueless. Check out this dude strolling through Edfu Temple.

Old ship at the Blue Nile Sailing Club

We drove the 11.5 hours to Khartoum in one day, mostly to make up for lost time spent waiting at the border. We were camping at the Blue Nile Sailing Club, which was much less posh than it sounds. We spent a couple of days there, mostly trying to adjust to the heat. Since leaving the mountains of Ethiopia, we’d dropped from 11,500 feet to barely over 1,500 feet, and it was hot. Afternoon temperatures were regularly above 40¬∞C. It was hard to believe that less than a week earlier we’d been huddled together in sleeping bags and long underwear to try and stay warm. Water was the drink of choice, followed closely by Coca-Cola. It’s actually ridiculous how much Coke we’ve found ourselves drinking, but it’s just so refreshing in such scorching heat. It’s also an easy way to get some sugar into our systems, which can be a good thing.


We look good. Real good.

box it out

Just in case we ever form a sweet rock/pop/folk band, we thought it was prudent to have some album photos on hand. Might as well shoot them when the setting is right. You can only imagine how good the actual album would/will be with artwork like this. Hey everyone! Come and see how good we look!


Space Crown

Space Crown

Mark proudly presents his shiny purple scooter helmet, called “Space Crown”.

Quotes: Blanket wisdom

Blanket wisdom

“Fragrant Recall
Very Lovely Smile
= Joy Time
We in life lucky”

~ As read on a blanket in our guesthouse in Pak Beng.