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We are in Syria now. Behind the immigration desk was a sign,

“Welcome to Syria. Syria is a land of history and cintioruity.”



Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2009 states this about the Nile confulence in Khartoum:

Arabian poets call it the ‘longest kiss in history’ — which, admittedly, sounds much nicer than ‘confluence’ and does more to convey the import of this river collision. The pale-silt-carrying White Nile, rushing up from Uganda, and the soily Blue Nile, on its way west from Ethiopia, get it on in Khartoum — meeting, flirting for a stretch (their coloured waters flowing together but still visibly separate) before entwining for a monotone future together, watering farmers and pharaohs all the way through Egypt. Take a ferry to rural Tuti Island, in the middle of the city, and look back on the liquid love story.

Our impression was a little different. Haha.


“We tend to seek happiness, when happiness is actually a choice.”

~ As read on a menu in Luang Prabang

Quotes: Blanket wisdom

Blanket wisdom

“Fragrant Recall
Very Lovely Smile
= Joy Time
We in life lucky”

~ As read on a blanket in our guesthouse in Pak Beng.


As read on a message board at our hostel in Athens:

“There are two kinds of English spoken by English-speaking people. First, there is the English they speak everyday to each other. Second, there is the English that they speak to everyone else SO THAT THEY WILL UN-DER-TAND.”


“Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without.”

Something I remind myself of when I get tired of wearing the same clothes every single day.