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Photos x14

Oh my! I have 14 new albums just uploaded taking us all the way back from the Middle East to Ottawa. Enjoy.


Our pictures from Syria are now up on our Photos page. Thank you to Toon for sharing some of his pictures with us from Jordan and Syria!

Photos from Jordan


Two more albums done, this time from Jordan. Don’t miss the pics of Petra, one of the most amazing places we visited. As usual, you can find the new albums over on our Photos page.

New photos, more to come

We’ve started to get caught up on our photo albums. You’ll find three new albums from Egypt on our Photos page, and we’ll have several more albums up over the next week or so.

The promise of stories to come

Although our posts are a little behind, we’re updating our site today from Torshaven in the Faroe Islands, and thought you should know that. No idea where that is? Me neither, at least not before we got here. Check our Breadcrumb map to find out. We’re 4 days into our 12 day cruise back to Canada, and having a great time. Our next stop is in Iceland! Cool, eh?

We’re slowly but surely catching up with our stories from our breakneck-fast travels back through Europe. Check back often for our latest pictures and tales as we try to catch you up on all of the excitement leading up to our return home!

Tons of new photos

We’ve arrived in Egypt — and rediscovered fast internet. The result: 12 new photo albums for your viewing pleasure. So grab a snack and a drink, click over to the photos page, and enjoy.

So many photos…

We’ve just finished uploading six new albums on our Photos page. Head on over to see our pictures from Namibia (cheetahs and Etosha National Park), Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls and lions), Malawi (school visits and hiking), and Tanzania (Zanzibar and the Ngorongoro Crater).


I let an administrative detail expire without renewing it by accident and our site was down for a couple days. I’m sorry! It’s back up and we have lots of new stuff to share very soon so stay tuned!

New photos at last

We’ve finally been able to connect long enough to upload a few new albums. Head on over to our photos page to see our albums from Malaysia and South Africa, and our first album from Namibia.

New photos

Some beauties from our last month in Thailand. On the photos page.

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