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We began our travels last July as we boarded the Queen Mary II in New York and headed across the Atlantic to London. Things kicked off with my sister’s wedding. Fourteen months, 75,477 kilometres, and a beard (followed by a shave, followed by a beard again) and we were back in London again with my sister.

We often wonder what has changed on the homefront while we’ve been away. So much has happened to us; what has happened to the people we left behind? Turns out a lot. My big sis is pregnant and I’m going to be an auntie!!!!!!!!!! She is due at the end of January which means I probably won’t be staying home for long. We’re so excited for Jess and Tim.

little family

It was such a treat to be staying with them again. They have a fun new kitty cat, Boo, comfortable couches and a gigantic projector screen television. We were elated to have such an amazing homebase to do absolutely nothing for the first couple days there. Not to mention, they’re both phenomenal cooks and treated us to a couple mouthwatering meals.

Other London mentionables include a visit to the new Apple Store in Covent Garden. Paul Smith was giving a lecture on design and there were stacks of iPads scattered about for us to play with. We also got together with African truckmates Barbara-Jeanne and Jeff. We met at a cool pub and played a couple hands of bridge (ha!). It was so nice to see them, although a wee bit strange seeing them out of truck-context. We had all changed clothes and brushed out hair. They prefer bearded Mark.

After just three short nights, it was time to say a reluctant good-bye to London again. We weren’t reluctant to say goodbye to our ratty travel duds, however. Jess and Tim hooked us up with new (to us, old to them) wardrobes which we would desparately need for our next leg. Our next leg is onboard cruiseship number three (never thought I’d be saying that at the beginning of our trip!), following the viking trail back to Canada.

beautiful Boo


    Yay! Congrats Jess and Tim! So exciting.

  1. Mama Kate

  2. Beautiful pictures of my girls (boy?). You all look so beautiful to me, and back together again. Two more stops and you’ll be back in Kanata, yeah! xxxoxoxox

    Wow, it’s so wonderful to see you lovely sisters back together again…It’s really amazing to see Jess pregnant and she looks absolutely radiant…You too, Meg. Oh ya, Tim and Boo aren’t too shabby either.

    What great news to receive as you cross back through the UK! Safe travels the rest of the way across the Atlantic. See you this weekend I hope!

    I didn’t know that you grew a beard Meg, let alone two! You should’ve snapped some pics.. I love all the pictures you chose to post, especially the one of Jess, Tim and Boo. I wonder if Tim will be able to love the baby as much as he loves Boo? Jess’s bump is so big! Lovey! xoxoxo

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