Mark before and after

before and after

Just for funsies, Mark got a fancy shave at a barber in Istanbul. I’m on the fence as to which look I like best. I think I’m leaning towards bearded Mark. What do you think?



    The hairdo is slightly different, so it throws me off. Generally I’d saw more hair is best, but the clean cut look is good too.


  1. Debbie Rosen

  2. Well, not being prejudiced or anything, I think you look great both ways. It’s in your genes! LOL

    But I’m kind of pro clean shaven!

    You look beautifully handsome clean shaven, and ruggedly handsome bearded. I like you both ways. I’d say though, if you wanna get a job on the cover of some cheesy romance novel, take your shirt off, go somewhere windy with a tiger, and keep that face smmoooth like a baby’s bottom.

    Yes, it’s a tough call when he’s so incredibly good looking. Looks like no beard is winning thus far.

    Such a tough call. Not sure which one I like better. Maybe no beard or a small trimmed one?

    I think I’ll go out and find myself a tiger and some wind…

    beard all the way. what I want to know is what stops the barber made along the way. Moustache? Handlebar? Chops? Goatee?

  3. Dallas Husar

  4. I’d have to say with the long locks the beard looks best. It ties it all together….

  5. Toon Manders

  6. Definitely the beard.. but it’s probably because I am used to that!

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