25,000 visits!

This morning our little website has reached a big milestone — wewander.ca has now been visited more than 25,000 times since it went live last year. Wow! Thanks everyone for checking up on us! It’s great to know that so many friends, family and other travelers are keeping tabs on us as we go.


    Thank you Mark and Meghan for sending a mother the best letters from camp – EVER! I have felt so connected to you even though we are thousands of miles apart. Every day I would check your blog just to see what you were up to. You always had such adventures to write about and to show photographs as well- fantastic. I could not have been happier and the worries I first had when you started your journey soon vanished knowing I’d hear from you whenever you had the chance. Thanks…. you are the ‘best’ kids a mother could ever wish for. Can’t wait to see you back in Kanata soon. xxxoxoxoxo

    Did the 25,000th visitor get a prize? :)

    Well, we were going to give away a large sum of money to whoever was the 25,000th visitor…but unfortunately we have no way of knowing who it was. Oh well…

    Mark, I think it was me…


    Arguably, it could have been Mama Kate since she was the first to comment. Just sayin’…

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