Milestones: 400 days of travel

Another milestone reached — where do the days go? Our Oasis Overland adventure has ended, and our wanderings are now taking us up through Jordan and Syria. Head over to our Breadcrumb page to see our latest routes.

After 400 days:

Average speed over land: 43.5 km/h
Equivalent time spent in transit: 72 days
Fastest mode of transportation: Train (68 km/h average)
Slowest mode of transportation: On foot (2.1 km/h average)
Kilometres left to go: unknown…


    Wow you two! Just catching up on your blog, and can’t believe the African adventure has finished already! Sarah tells me you will likely be in Ottawa for a while this fall/winter… Tuesday nights at Vertical Reality might sound a little dull compared to diving in Dahab or exploring the ruins of Ankor Waht, but it will be so great to have you back! Home stretch now I suppose?! Enjoy every minute! xx

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