50 days of travel

Yesterday was our 50th day on the road. Hooray! To date, we’ve traveled 10,043 km over land and sea. That’s 1/4 of the earth’s circumference, but we’ve only scratched the surface…

Our path has been tracked with a handheld GPS unit, and all of our tracks can be seen on our Breadcrumb page.


    Sooooo… Mark. 50 days in. How are the 3 pairs of underwear treatin’ ya?

    So far so good. Meg hasn’t run for the hills yet, so I think I’m ok!

    Do you guys have your laptops? For updates or iphone or both?
    I am going to Tokyo for the month of OCt and was wondering if I should pur-CHASE a iphone or a wifi’d only itouch with skype or take my lappy or all??

    Love the writings.
    I am not missing home either

    Haha! Glad to hear Meghan is happy with the state of your undergarments.

    Mike and I have a rare quiet night tonight and found ourselves wishing we could have you guys over for a bridge night! :(

    I hope you guys are having tons of fun. We should try to connect via Skype soon.


    Hi Candace. We have our laptop and an iPhone with us, and they’ve both been great for different things. I took the sim card out of my iPhone, so it’s not a phone anymore, just a glorified wifi device with gps. The rates we would have been paying to use the iPhone normally with all of our roaming were astronomical, hence the modification. We use it for downloaded maps with a program called “Offmaps”, and we use it for email when we’re at caf√©s with wifi. The laptop we use for updating the website, but also (and the main reason we brought it) to store and edit our hundreds of photographs. We have Skype on both, so we use that to make calls from wifi areas too. I’m overdue to post about our iPhone use anyways…maybe I’ll get to that soon. Hope that helps a little!

    I wish the heck you were back here so I could sleep on your bed with you again. Tex and BoBo are just not the same as M&M. I’ll hang in though on my new cat tree waiting for you to return. Congratulations on your milestone 50 days. That means fifty days for me with Mom and Dad Gough, not so bad for me either, I guess. Lots of kisses and purr purr purrs… Your baby Metric

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