Where it never rains…

We’re in Wadi Halfa right now, on the border of the Sudan and Egypt. We’ve spent the last week driving through the Nubian Desert from Khartoum, with people dropping like flies from heat stroke. Since we’ve arrived in this small, dry town, we’ve spent three days sitting in the heat waiting for our ferry to depart. The temperature yesterday peaked at a cool 47 degrees Celsius, in the shade. We’ve never had to drink this much water in our lives. Someone told us that it hasn’t rained here since 1991, and then only for half an hour. It’s another world.

Today we get on a 30 hour ferry that will take us to Aswan in Egypt. Our budget ferry tickets get us luxurious placement on the ship: we will spend all 30 hours laying on the top deck, on the floor, competing for space under the lifeboats for some hint of shade. We will be in Egypt with the Oasis truck for another two weeks, and after that we’ll be back on our own, just two wanderers with a lot of distance left to cover. We’ve decided to take 6 weeks or so to travel up through the Middle East and through Eastern Europe on our way to the UK, where we’ll be catching another ship across the Atlantic. This time we’ll be stopping in Norway, the Faroe Islands, the Shetland Islands, and Iceland, before disembarking in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

We’ll be treated to some A/C and some internet in Aswan, so we’ll share more details then. Also watch for some new posts about our time in Sudan, as long as we don’t melt before we get out of here!


    Guys I am from Sydney, my mom and all of my family live there. Let me know if you need any tips or a place to stay or a ride or anything. I can hook you up.

    Yay, Eastern Europe! Don’t miss Bosnia and Romania.

    Stay cool guys!

    The tail end of your trip sounds lovely. When does your ship dock in Sydney? October sometime?

    Thanks Kim! That’s excellent excellent.

    I know! We won’t have very much time, but at least we found some time. I’ll have to read your posts on those places. So you liked Romania?! That’s good to hear.

    Hey SGD. Our boat gets in on October 7th. We have no idea what the plan will be for getting out west yet. Ideally we’d like to stop in Ottawa on the way. It would be fun to celebrate our b-days! But we’re not sure how it’s going to work out just yet. Can’t wait to see you guys!

    Yes yes. In Romania we spent a lot of time just traveling by train, but that was one of the best parts. Transylvania is just beautiful, and there’s always something to see (sheep, shepherds, dogs, gypsies…) Loved Bulgaria too, and the food was delicious. And Croatia, especially along the adriatic coast…

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