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Adjusting to being home, so far, has been much more difficult than I thought it would be. Part of me was looking forward to coming home and being in one place for a while, but now, all I want to do is leave again.

The past year + has given us a new outlook on our day-to-day. We have gained perspective. We’re trying to make the most of everything we do and to maintain a positive outlook. There is so much to be grateful for. We know and appreciate how fortunate we are to live in a country like Canada and to have such terrific families and friends, especially at this time of year. We also appreciate how lucky we are to have been able to go on an adventure like we did. The difficulties we’re having now are worth it. Especially if it enables us to get out there again for wewander part 2.

We wish you all a Happy Christmas. Make the most of it, wherever you may be.

One more thing

never been so happy

There’s one more thing I forgot to mention that happened to us in Alberta.

Mark and I are now engaged! OK, so I didn’t forget, how could I forget something like that? Here’s how it happened:


Almost home

asleep at the airport

Looks as though our travels aren’t done with us yet. We are stuck at the Edmonton airport for the night. We were booked to fly standby on the red-eye back to Ottawa via Toronto. (My lil’ sister Lindsay works for Canadian airline Westjet and gave us discounted passes which require you fly standby). However, upon arriving at the airport and checking in, we were informed that the flight was fully booked. That is why we will be spending the night at the airport and why I am finally finding some time to write again. Hopefully, if all goes to plan, we’ll be on a plane at 6:30 tomorrow morning making our way back to Ottawa where we will be home, at last.


Home for a wedding!

Brothers and sister together again!

Wow, how life changes when you get back home! There were days on the road where I thought it was hard to keep a website up-to-date, but it seems to be exponentially harder now that we’re back in Canada. It’s funny how life conspires against your aims sometimes, even when you’re enjoying it.

It’s about time that I wrote about the big event that brought us home in the first place. About a week and a half ago, my little sister Melanie got married. I know she’s not so little anymore, but of course she’ll always seem that way to her big brother. Before we left on our wanderings, I remember Melanie calling me up and asking “sooooo, when will you be back? I kind of got engaged!” I wasn’t going to miss her wedding for the world, even if that was literally the case! And what a great event to come home to, with all of my family together in one place for one happy reason.


Are we lost?

Life has been a whirlwind since coming back home. Our travels already feel so long ago. Since coming home, it has been Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in Ottawa followed by a sister’s wedding in Canmore. We have good intentions to write about all of it. Our wanderings have not ended yet! We still have loads to still write about, including our time in Canada plus reviews and reflections on our world travels.

We’ve been asked a lot about what our plans are now that we’re home. The plan is to stay in the rocky mountains for a few more weeks. We’re housesitting and dogsitting while Mark’s sis is on her honeymoon. Not a bad place to be. The Canadian Rockies are absolutely stunning. With more certainty than ever, I can now say that Canmore is one of the most beautiful towns in the World. Mid-November we’ll be heading back to Ottawa for a dose of reality. We’ll be living at my parent’s house and working — trying to get ourselves back onto financially stable ground. Ottawa certainly ain’t so bad either. After traveling far and wide, there is no place like home. This is our turf, it’s where our lives are and, most importantly, where our friends are. We hope to have things sorted out by the summertime. We’ll have either (1) found our dreamjobs and relocate to wherever in the world they may be, (2) have decided that Ottawa is where we want to call home, or (3) we’ll set off traveling again. So you see, we’re still wandering.

The blog will continue so we hope you’ll keep checking in.

Home sweet home

Our ship docked at the Sydney harbour on the 7th of October. We could hardly sleep the night before, anxious with nervous excitement. We were up at the crack of dawn and went for one last meal on board the ship. We weren’t feeling all that hungry due to the butterflies so instead we made little sandwiches and stocked up on snacks for our journey that would take us from Sydney, Nova Scotia back home to Ottawa, Ontario. Finally we got the go ahead from the captain to disembark and our feet touched Canadian soil once again. We had a rental car waiting for us in Sydney to take us home.


Happy Canada Day

Proud to be Canadian

We went down to Parliament Hill to celebrate Canada’s 142nd birthday. What a crowd! It was really great to be surrounded by all of that Canadian pride and patriotism as we count down towards our departure. We will be proud to be Canadian as we travel other countries, and we will loyally sew the maple leaf to our packs. We love this country. Damn it, we’ll miss it too.


Farewell Ottawa

hot air balloon

For Christmas last year my amazing mom surprised us with a hot air balloon ride. We booked it for this past weekend thinking it would be a fantastic way to say goodbye to Ottawa before we leave. It was also a way for Mark and I to celebrate our 6 year anniversary (woah time flies!)

Take off was a bit hectic because the wind was up. There were guys on the ground running all over the place trying to time our lift off and make sure we could go up instead of side-to-side into trees and power lines. The wind finally paused just long enough and away we went. Higher and higher and higher. Once up in the air, inside the tiny basket of the hot air balloon, it was peaceful…and wicked!!!