Lens letdown

About a month ago, our main camera lens (Canon EF-s 18-200mm IS) gave up on us. Something has gone haywire in the circuits, and it no longer focuses or registers light properly with the camera, and effectively reducing it to a heavy glass paperweight in our bag. Needless to say, we’ve been very frustrated, but two people have come to our rescue over the past 4 weeks. While we were still with the Oasis truck, Becky kindly lent us her fancy Canon 10-22mm wide angle lens, which was a treat to play with when visiting Egypt’s ancient temples and tombs. Since joining Toon in Jordan, he’s generously offered up his newer/fancier/still working Canon DSLR to us whenever we’ve needed to capture a moment, and he’s also sharing all of his own photos with us. We’re still using our 50mm prime lens with our DSLR and our little Sony point-and-shoot to capture our wanderings as best we can, but we’ve been spoiled now, and a point-and-shoot simply doesn’t satisfy anymore. So this post is to say a big thank-you to Becky and Toon for helping to keep this website populated with pictures. We would have missed out on so many great photographic opportunities without you both!

We’re hoping to find a Canon service center in Istanbul next week…hopefully something can be done to bring our ailing lens back to life!


  1. Bruce the Moose

  2. Mom & I are happy to be seeing more pictures of the two of you together – this too thanks to Toon I presume.

  3. Mother Goose

  4. It is too bad the lens broke, must have been when you took the picture of Dad wearing his sailor hat and looking like the dinasaur chicken. Your Dad is a fossil, but I didn’t think he’d crack-up the lens. Hope you can get it fixed.

    Lol! I hope we can too. I think Istabul is our best bet, just hope it doesn’t break the bank.

    Might be tough getting warranty work done internationally. Although, seems to me that Canon lenses only come with a 1-year warranty… which is also sad. Death by desert sand probably isn’t covered by the warranty anyways ;)

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